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This serves to document various items that are released on the CloudParty Virtual world.

Scene Management Scripts

These are a set set of scripts written to provide some very basic scene animation.

A scene is basically a set of animated actions that all need to work together.  Scenes are controlled by a scene controller that sends out signals to the other scripts to tell them when to start their actions.  The duration ont he scene controller needs to be long enough for the other scripts to have run to completion before things reset.

Each scene has a unique id, which is a numeric value (start at 1).  This is used to tie all the elements of that particular scene together (i.e. they must all have the same scene id).

You may need to stack myultiple scene scripts on the same object to get the total effect you want.  Scene Fade to make something appear and Scene Mover to make it move.


Master and Slave are a pair of scripts that work together to dynamically spawn and animate slave objects under the control of a master object.  Slave objects can be set to move automatically or only in response to player clicks.  Also supports switches that will trigger the movement of subobjects remotely.

Typical usage would be to provide doors for houses or to make simple rides and elevators.

Vehicle Engines

The following engines are available:

Free Utility Scripts

These scripts are all bundled into a single market listing.

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