The scene director is used to grab the player by the scruff of the neck and make them move to a particular location (and, optionally, perform some sort of action there).  Usage should be kept to a minimum.  Edit

It can be set up on an existing object or placed on a meshless object.  The marker it uses must be defined on the same object.  The object must be Moveable.

To use it, you need to set up a Marker at the location you wish them to move to.  The simplest set up is to put 'idle' as the main sequence keyword.  That will cause them to walk to the marker and just stand there.

Scene Id

THis is the id of the scene it is a part of.


This is how long after the scene starts that the action is requested.


This is the name of the marker that the player should move to.

Note that if you want to have multiple movements within a scene, you need a separate instance of the Scene Director script for each movement.