This script is used to cause an object to follow an animated motion path.

It should be attached to the object that will be moving.  The object must be Moveable and the movement markers must be defined upon it.

To make it work, a set of waypoints are defined via markers.  The waypoint should be defined int he sequence that they are to be visited, with the cycle starting and ending in the position the object is initially placed.  The waypoints visited will be the position of the markers at the start of the cycle.

The markers must be named according to this scheme:

MOVE ss ddd

ss is a two digit sequence number used to keep the marker names unique.

ddd is the dwell time, in seconds, the the moving object is to pause when it reaches the marker.  alues are typically from 0 to 30 seconds.

To make a vehicle you want the player to ride, place the Scene Director on the same object and use it move them onboard.  The Idle animation will attach them to the object as it moves.

The scripts parameters are:

Scene Id

This identifies the scene the object is a part of.


The time in seconds between the start of the scene and whent he motion starts.


The speed, in meters per second, with which the object moves.  Typical values are 1 to 3.