This causes a sound sample to be played as a part of the scene animation.

It should be placed on an existing object or on a meshless object.  The sond will seem to eminate from this object.  The object must be Moveable.

Scene Id

This oidentifies the scene the script is an element of.


This is how long, in seconds, after the scene starts that the sound should be played.  Note that first time round ther emay be a little download lag.


This is the sound clip to be played.

Full Volume

This is the radius, in meters, around the object at which the sound is played at full volume.  TYpically 12-20 meters.

Drop Off

This is the additional radius, also in meters, within which the sound drops from full vlume to 0.  Typically 3-5 meters.


THis is the gain applied tot he sound sample.  Rangers from 0.1 to 1.0.  Values below 0.15 seem noticably quieter.